Radio Free Merctown #10

Run-time: 63 mins.


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Brian (Dark Lord, Ronith)
  • John (Consumer)
  • Eric (Rufus, Uncle Servo)


  • Dark Lord talks about his plans for Phase World
  • Stories from the past: The origins of some of the major groups, PW Adventurers, Spook Squad, Heroes for Hire, etc.
  • RFM Recap: Overview as to how things have gone these first ten episodes
    & ideas & discussion on how to improve the podcast.

Radio Free Merctown #9

We managed to get August’s podcast posted a little early. Enjoy!

Run-time: 81 mins.


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Eric (Aka: Uncle Servo, Rufus)
  • James (Aka: Halko)
  • Lars (Aka: Captain Cook)


  • Patreon/Milestone, Amazon, and Roll20 reminders
  • New patron shout-outs!
  • The GM’s Con Survival Guide: Tips and approaches to preparing & running games at a convention.
  • Roll 20 overview: GM & player experiences, feedback, and tips for new players
  • The pros & cons of player-selected powers in HU2 and how to enable this via EP.
  • Discussion of Australia setting

If you have questions or comments, there are tons of ways to get a response:


PBP: Post a reply to this thread

Skype: lloyd.voluntaryist

Radio Free Merctown #8: The Epic Sequel Prequel

Run-time: 71 mins.


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Lars (Aka: Captain Cook, Kesslan)
  • Patrick (CS High Command, Pieter Dravnos)


  • New patron shout-outs!
  • The Architect’s Minute of Gripe
  • CSHC talks about his plans for the CS game
  • Current EP Contest Promotion
  • Discussion of First EU Epic: Merc groups from MercTown help destroy Splugorth bases in Newfoundland/Nova Scotia
  • Discussion about the next Epic

Radio Free Merctown #7

Run-time: 87 minutes


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Günther (Aka: Baker, Marcelline)
  • Ben (Aka: The Architect)


  • New patron shout-outs!
  • Minute of Gripe
  • EU & Radio Free Merctown supported via Patreon
  • New EU Canon Location: Baker, California EP Contest Winner
  • Discussion about players and GMs we all think are amazing
  • Current and past EP contests
  • The success of the Savage Rifts kickstarter

Shout-outs to two awesome podcasts that explain Savage Rifts very well:

Radio Free Merctown #6

Run-Time: 85 minutes

  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Ben (Aka: Stormbringer)
  • Eric (Aka: Uncle Servo, Rufus)
  • Lars (Aka: Captain Cook)

Run-time: 85 minutes


  • Shameless Chaos Earth plug
  • Group Spotlight: The Templar
  • Outrageous character concepts
  • Defunct groups
  • All the lütz!

The post where Mrs. Nakamura ever-so-sweetly asks the ogre Titan Juicer to lay off the potty mouth.

The post where we see Kilo’s surprising reaction.

Radio Free Merctown #4

It’s the EU Office Christmas Party!

  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Ben (Aka: Stormbringer)
  • John (Aka: Consumer)
  • Justin (Aka: Maniacal Laugh)
  • Mike (Aka: Netosa)
  • Eric (Aka: Uncle Servo, Rufus)

Run-time: 75 minutes

  • Ben shamelessly promotes a new Chaos Earth game he wants to start
  • Group Spotlight: Galactic Rogues
  • Discussion about how new games/dimensions are created
  • The use of audio in PBP
  • The annual Holiday Post-Rate Suspension
  • Narrative tense and point of view

NOTE: Some audio was lost from the beginning due to a technical problem, but

to compensate for this I have left the remainder of the episode unedited

and kept it out of the hands of those filthy censors! Enjoy EU’s Office

Christmas Party–raw and unfiltered like any good office Christmas

party ought to be!

Show notes:

Table Top Audio

Jezebel’s theme song:

The Seatbelts: Pushing the Sky

Pyro’s theme song:

I was only 19 – Redgum

James Howlett’s theme song:

Let them Sing ~Basil Polduris

Beanpole’s theme song:

Carry On My Wayward Son

Radio Free Merctown #3


  • Lloyd (Aka, Augur, Jezebel)
  • Justin (Aka, Maniacal Laugh)

Run-time: Approximately one hour

Topics: Player Spotlight, Character Spotlight, Discussion of Pinnacle’s soon-to-be released

Savage Rifts

Show notes:

Interview with Sean Fannon regarding Savage Rifts.

Savage Rifts Kickstarter Campaign

Radio Free Merctown #2


  • Lloyd (Aka, Augur, Jezebel)
  • Eric (Aka, Rufus, Uncle Servo)
  • Tiree

Run-time: Approximately one hour

Topics: Follow-up (response to listener comments/questions), group spotlight (Heroes for Hire), future content, and more…

Radio Free Merctown #1: Welcome to Explorers Unlimited

Crew: Augur,  Stormbringer,  Pytheas

Run-time: Approximately one hour

Topics: Overview of the Explorers Unlimited (EU) website and Radio Free Merctown podcast,  introductions,  history,  future of EU,  and more…