Radio Free Merctown #31

Run-time: About an hour


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Guest: Alan (Aka: Zilant, etc.)
  • Guest: Eric (Aka: Townsend, etc.)


  • New patron shout-outs! (New Patrons from April & May: Mike S. Myers, Derrick Smith, Steve Dulson, Jason Connerly, Michael Morrison, dragonfett3)
  • 75-Patron Milestone! Discussion of Patron items: how they came about, who made them, what are the rules regarding them, and an overview of each.
  • Educating Savages–Rifts Lore: Northern Gun
  • Listener Topic Suggestion: What are you geeking out about? (Lloyd’s excuse to talk about his own favorite podcasts and why he loves them.)