Radio Free Merctown #27

Run-time: 46 minutes


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Ben (Aka: Thought, etc.)
  • Eric (Aka: Townsend, etc.)


  • New patron shout-outs! (New Patrons from January)
  • Educating Savages–Rifts Lore: The Colorado Baronies
  • Group Spotlight: 2017 Epic groups finale
  • Listener Topic Suggestion: Can a player abuse the EP system? Can a reward system by definition be abused? Can a player use too much EP? What would be considered an abuse? When? Why?


Websites: Explorers Unlimited & Savage Rifts 

“D-bee Serenade” by John Speas. Hear more of his work at The Blast from  our Past Podcast.