Radio Free Merctown #29


  • Lloyd (Aka: Augur, Jezebel)
  • Guest: John (Aka: Consumer, etc.)


  • New patron shout-outs! (New Patrons from March: Marc Leasure)
  • Educating Savages–Rifts Lore: The Vampire Kingdoms
  • Educating Savages–The Three Galaxies/Phase World setting
  • Listener Topic Suggestion: What are you geeking out about? New games you’re playing, media you’re passionate about, etc.

Websites: Explorers Unlimited & Savage Rifts 

“D-bee Serenade” by John Speas. Hear more of his work at The Blast from  our Past Podcast. 


Author: Augur

I've been very fortunate to be able to collaboratively create podcasts for the EU community's little niche of the internet, but I'll not rest on my laurels. I constantly seek out ways to grow the podcast within the EU membership, and expand the reach of the podcast to the rest of the gaming and Palladium Books communities. Before the podcast, I had already done this with the website itself for over a decade. This thing we build together, our conversation and family within the larger gaming culture, is my passion. Ultimately, everything I do, all the support I receive, somehow finds its way back into feeding this passion, growing this community, and making everything we do better.

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