Welcome to Radio Free Merctown

Radio Free Merctown is the monthly podcast for the Explorers Unlimited gaming community. Explorers Unlimited is the website for Palladium play-by-post gaming, the home of multiple genres of Palladium Books games, as well as the home of Savage Rifts. The Radio Free Merctown podcast hosts discussions of Palladium games, genres, trivia, answers to questions about the system, and discussions of new or ongoing games hosted on Explorers Unlimited, Savage Rifts and Roll 20, as well as the occasional dramatic reading of short stories written by members of the EU gaming community.

Radio Free Merctown is supported by patrons of Explorers Unlimited, and episodes of the podcast are available first through Subscribestar. Archived episodes are available on YouTube. More information can be found at

ExplorersUnlimited.com or SavageRifts.com. Game on!

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